Welcome Pascal Jalhay

Culinary Director at the Van Oys

Pascal Jalhay Van Oys Culinary Director
Pascal Jalhay Van Oys Culinary Director

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of Pascal Jalhay as the Culinary Director of Van Oys Maastricht Retreat. With a rich heritage and a profound culinary journey behind him, Pascal brings a wealth of experience and a fresh wave of innovation to our retreat. Born in the Netherlands to a Dutch mother and Indonesian father, Pascal grew up in Maastricht. In 2003, his diverse cultural background and early culinary passion led him to become the Netherlands’ youngest two-star Michelin chef. Since then, his journey has taken him across the globe, picking up all the invaluable knowledge and experience that he is now eager to share with us.

A Journey Through
Cultures and Cuisines

A Journey Through Cultures and Cuisines

Pascal’s culinary journey is a tapestry of influences and inspirations. From his father’s stories of Indonesian heritage to his mother’s mastery in the kitchen, Pascal’s early years were steeped in a rich culinary tradition. This foundation was only the beginning. His professional journey saw him training under renowned chefs like Robert Kranenborg at the Amstel Hotel Amsterdam and Hans Snijders at Château Neercanne. These experiences honed his skills and broadened his culinary horizons, leading him to introduce Indonesian influences into his cuisine – a bold step that earned him two Michelin stars at Restaurant Vermeer in the Amsterdam Barbizon Palace.

The Vision for Van Oys

Pascal’s vision is rooted in the Cittaslow philosophy, emphasising sustainability, regional ingredients, and a deep respect for tradition. He is committed to sourcing ingredients within a 40 to 50-kilometre radius, ensuring freshness, and supporting local farmers. Van Oys will be a haven for culinary innovation, where traditional haute cuisine meets modern techniques and global flavours. His approach will breathe life into our menus, creating a unique dining experience that reflects both his heritage and his culinary journey.

Embracing Sustainability

Sustainability is at the heart of Pascal’s culinary philosophy. At Van Oys Maastricht Retreat, he will champion eco-friendly practices, from farm-to-table sourcing to minimising waste. His commitment to sustainability extends beyond the kitchen, influencing every aspect of our culinary operations.

Pascal Jalhay Van Oys Culinary Director
The Circle is Complete, I’m Coming Home

‘Due to a combination of circumstances, I lost interest at one point and started developing meals for major airlines on behalf of one of the world’s largest caterers. They all want the best for their passengers, within a strict budget. I was asked to consider regional differences in tastes and preferences as much as possible. So, I went to these places to explore the origins of regional cuisines and the stories behind traditional dishes. My journey opened up a new world for me. Since then, I better understand why food and cooking hold such an important place in our lives. The knowledge and experience I gained during my odyssey will be very useful in my new role as culinary director of Van Oys Maastricht Retreat where I will provide a culinary interpretation of the Cittaslow philosophy. Sustainability will be the guiding principle in designing the culinary offerings. I will also oversee the daily operations of the Chateau Van Oys restaurant, for which I have already thought of a name … Maes, cuisine du terroir! For me, the circle is complete. After forty years, I’m coming home, full of ideas and energy. The fire in my eyes is burning again, for me that’s the best of all ingredients.’ Pascal Jalhay