of Slow

of Slow

Announcing a grand transformation! Chateau Oost is being transformed into the epitome of eco-luxury and hospitality – a Cìttaslow retreat near Maastricht. A member of the prestigious The Leading Hotels of the World. Grow with us … and blossom at the grand new opening in early 2025. Reservations open in August 2024.

Remise Van Oys

Van Oys Maastricht Retreat Remise

HeART of Farm and Table. Our remarkable Chefs will tantalise your taste buds.

Chateau Van Oys

Van Oys Maastricht Retreat Chateau

The restoration of tradition joins a vision of unparalleled grandeur.

Carré Van Oys

Van Oys Maastricht Retreat Carré

Slow living in sync with nature. Making meetings green. Creating awe-inspiring moments.


The essence of Cittaslow


The green seeds of luxury and hospitality


In sync with nature and history

Van Oys Maastricht Retreat Nature Spa
Slow down, immerse yourself in nature and melt away the stress

Slow down, immerse yourself in nature and melt away the stress

Smell the fragrance of the forest, inhale nature and exhale stillness. Make space in your life for restorative natural energy in our healing Nature Spa & Gym.

Van Oys Maastricht Retreat Nature Spa
Van Oys Maastricht Retreat Nature Spa
81 restful rooms – like lying on a bed of moss

Opulent Chateau Suites blend heritage with extravagant luxury. Barn-style Remise Rooms are full of rustic charm. Modern Carré Suites – for soul-soothing eco-lifestyle.

365 days taste the future

Indulge in the tastes of nature. Consciously crafted cocktails meet exquisite flavours. Eco-luxury, one sip at a time. Savor the harmony of nature’s bounty in every taste.

Passionate About Creative Pursuits

Our ethos is all about mindset and attitude!

Van Oys Maastricht Retreat Farm to Table
From Farm to Table

Food, to us, is not about fanciness, it’s about freshness and authenticity. With ingredients from local sources and our own farm, picked at their peak, and prepared with care, we honour their natural flavours and goodness.

Van Oys Maastricht Retreat Meetings Events
Growing the Vision

Like tender shoots breaking through the earth, the events, meetings, and incentives at Van Oys are the fertile ground where visions flourish into prosperous concepts. Cultivate the seeds of success, nurturing growth.

The Essence of Taste
The Essence of Taste

With unwavering dedication and boundless ambition, we nurture the art of fine dining, weaving together culinary expertise, artistic flair, and unparalleled hospitality to create unforgettable gastronomic experiences.

Van Oys Maastricht Retreat Wedding Destination
The Best Time of my Life

Natural garden venue. Enchanted forest wedding. Sophisticated Chateau celebration. Fall in love with Van Oys.

Private Dreams

Van Oys specialises in creating extraordinary, lavish private dining and events that embody unmatched luxury and bespoke style.

Van Oys Private Dining-Private Events Eijsden - Limburg - The Netherlands
We Serve to Your Desires

Our pinnacle experiences and facts in brief.

5-Star Superior Destination

Opening in early 2025, reservations open in August 2024

Member of Leading Hotels of the World

The first 5-star superior hotel in dutch limburg

HeART of Slow

Proudly embracing the Cittaslow philosophy

Culinary Studio

Chef’s Table hosted by our culinary eminence grise

Lounge & Bar

Bar food, expertly crafted drinks, and artisanal cocktails

Luxurious Spaces

For private dining, weddings, meetings, and events

Locally Sourced Delights

The flavours of our region at our restaurants and shop

Epicentre of Gastronomy & Wine

Culinary excellence at two fine-dining establishments

Sunday Brunch

Join us for an indulgent brunch experience every Sunday

In Harmony with Nature

Recharge and rejuvenate in our spa and gym facilities

Fabulous Festivities

Experience unforgettable events throughout the year

Nature & City Retreat

Close to Maastricht, as well as the renowned Limburg Hills

Escape & Arrive

Düsseldorf, Brussels, Eindhoven, Maastricht Aachen and Cologne Bonn airports | 3km from the A2 | 5 mins from Maastricht

Reservations open
in August 2024

The Driving Force Behind Van Oys

Visionary Minds
Meet our stellar management team.

The Future of Luxury is Green

Awe-inspiring activities bring sustainability to your life. Slow travel by water taxi from Maastricht.

Pascal Jalhay Van Oys Culinary Director

Top chef joins Van Oys as Culinary Director – welcome Pascal Jalhay!

Van Oys is now officially a member of The Leading Hotels of the World!

We are growing a 5-star superior hotel – opening early 2025!